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Total Joints Europe


Join us as we unpack everything you need to know to “Be the Expert” in knee and hip arthroplasty in the European market. Reach out today to subscribe to our latest orthopedics module!

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Why You Should Dive In:

The European joint replacement landscape is evolving, offering immense opportunities.

  • New Technologies: Understand the adoption of novel implant designs.
  • Future Projections: Gain insights into what lies ahead for these markets.
  • Procedure Trends: Stay updated with  the latest developments.
  • Competitive Insights: Identify the key players in the field.
  • Regional Focus: Dive deep into France, Germany, and the UK markets.



What is included in the subscription?

EU TJ 1EU TJ 2-2


Contact SmartTRAK today to subscribe and take the lead in Europe’s evolving joint replacement landscape. Don’t miss out on this chance to shape your future in knee and hip arthroplasty.

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