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Regenerative Medicine

Real-time coverage of the Industry.


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The top regenerative medicine companies depend on SmartTRAK!

We provide up-to-date intel on trends, news, financial data and competitor developments. Our team of analysts are experts in their field - all with previous industry experience. We have our finger on the pulse to bring you the most relevant, accurate data, analyses and intelligence so that you can make better, more informed strategic business decisions.

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Regenerative Medicine Modules


Amniotic Tissue - US

Products processed from human placental and placental derivatives into the membrane or micronized/flowable forms for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures or via percutaneous injections.

  • Amniotic Tissue Membranes
  • Amniotic Injectables

Cell Processing - US

Medical device kits used for the extraction, processing and re-administration of autologous blood, bone marrow and/or Adipose tissue for therapeutic uses treating various medical and cosmetic conditions.

  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) 
  • BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate) 
  • Adipose Tissue (Autologous adipose cell processing kits) 


Written by our team of experts, SmartTRAK analysis features real-time articles, videos, and interviews with subject matter experts. Learn about up-and-coming regenerative medicine companies to watch out for or new products that are making a splash. Our analysts also keep you up-to-date on the latest market trends and competitive news with quarterly market recaps, market overviews and more. 


Regenerative Medicine Markets

SmartTRAK profiles many markets within the regenerative medicine industry in real-time.  Easily find market dollars, 5-year projections, incidence & prevalence, reimbursement, and relevant news and market happenings for all competitors within the space.

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Company Profiles

Each company profile features a quick overview along with information on revenues & financial outlook, financing, acquisitions, and strategic alliances.  Perfect for competitive analysis or M&A research.


Product Profiles

Product Explorer Tool enables you to quickly drill down on the regenerative medicine market by segment, indication, regulatory status and more giving you an up-to-date view of the global competitive landscape in seconds.


Product Explorer Tool

View and compare regenerative medicine products and how they are being used across the industry. Use this tool for research and to gain insight into product offerings available on the market today.


Financial Dashboard Tool

Easily size a market, gauge market share, compare year over year growth and quickly spot trends. Users can sort data by market, segment, sub-segment, and more and can easily get the financial data they need.


Gap Analysis Tool

Quickly visualize your portfolio in seconds! Users can quickly see gaps in their own offering and identify acquisition targets that could potentially strengthen their offering.