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MIS SI Joint Fusion


Ready to dive into one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the world of Spine? Welcome to the realm of SI Joint Fusion, a market poised for remarkable growth with a projected 5-year CAGR of +18%. Now available for purchase!

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What to Expect:

At SmartTRAK, we're excited to introduce you to this thriving sector and give you a sneak peek of our in-depth market segment solution subscription.

Market Overview (US only/MIS market only)

- Incidence and Prevalence: Understand the scale of SI Joint Fusion cases.

- Market Size: Explore the market's current size and potential.

- Revenue/Procedure Forecast through 2027: Take a look at expected future growth by market segments; transfixing and non-transfixing.

- Growth Trends: Stay ahead with insights into emerging trends.

Competitive Landscape

- By System Type: Discover the differences between Transfixing and Non-transfixing.

- 2022 ASP Data Summary: Gain access to crucial pricing information.

National/Regional Site of Service Procedure Volume Data

- HOPD vs. ASC vs. Inpatient: Know where these procedures are performed.

- Annual Trends from 2017: Track the historical data for insights. 

Coding & Reimbursement - 2024 Outlook: Anticipate changes in coding and reimbursement for the coming year.

Why MIS SIJ Fusion Matters:

Within the vast Spine landscape, the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) SI Joint Fusion procedure category is the star of the show. Here's why:

- Growing Awareness and Diagnosis: More individuals are recognizing SI joint pain as a significant issue.

- Robust Clinical Data: The body of clinical evidence is expanding.

- Increasing Reimbursement Coding: Hospitals, HOPDs, ASCs and Physician Offices.

The Future of MIS SI Joint Fusion:

Acceptance of the posterior/dorsal non-transfixing MIS SI fusion approach is on the rise. This process is set to drive procedural growth and popularity, particularly among interventional pain physicians at Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs).


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