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SmartTRAK 3.0 FAQ

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Why redesign SmartTRAK?

Because of you. SmartTRAK is always looking out for its subscribers, striving to make your experience easier, richer and more facile. In order to make your experience the best it could be, we realized we needed to improve some parts of our user experience.

The result? SmartTRAK 3.0. We’re happy with the outcome and think you will be too.

What changed?

  • Improved user experience: We made relevant business intelligence easier to get to and moved our most accessed information to our homepage.  Our navigation was greatly improved as was our search functionality, resulting in quicker digestion of pertinent intel for our users.
  • Improved search functionality: We’ve implemented a true keyword search. Simply input your term and find all related business intelligence quickly and efficiently.
  • Refreshed homepage functionality: Our homepage now automatically fills with the latest business intelligence as you scroll.
  • Easier access to Market Page Recaps:  Our sought after Market Recaps have been brought to the homepage making it easier than ever to get up to speed on the latest industry trends.
  • A true Markets Overview: Users can now all of the SmartTRAK industry modules available, not just those that they are subscribed to. This helps to better promote our total offering and expertise.
  • Quicker product and company list location: Improved product and company page navigation makes locating needed information easier.
  • Improved product explorer: Save and compare product scenarios quickly.
  • Easier to navigate Financial Dashboard: Critical financial information is now easier to access and review.
  • Greater chart/graph readability: Our charts and graphs got a fresh new look and we even implemented a new chart tool as part of the redesign.
  • Analysis page redesigned for ease of use: Page now page highlights market recaps and features improved user functionality.
  • Redesigned mobile experience: Our mobile experience has been completely overhauled. SmartTRAK 3.0 is device agnostic. No matter where users or what device they are on, they will now have the same full access to competitive intelligence, data, and tools as they would working from their desktops.

What stayed the same?

SmartTRAK 3.0 offers all the same great content, tools, and market coverage. The site is just now more user friendly so that subscribers can easily locate relevant information enabling them to work quicker and more efficiently. The daily email updates that our subscribers depends upon remain unchanged and will continue to push breaking industry news right to your inbox.

Are Updates Emails changing?

Don’t worry. We know how much our subscribers value our updates. We DID NOT touch email Updates or the methodology with which we use to send them. You will still get the same data rich insights delivered to your inbox every day.

How can I learn more?

Want to learn more? Register to view a recording of our recent webinar! We’ll walk you through all the exciting changes.

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