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Research & Development

SmartTRAK is a great knowledge base for R&D professionals. Our expansive database provides an easy way for R&D teams to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and game-changing technologies hitting the market. With SmartTRAK, R&D professionals can quickly obtain an overview of the global competitive landscape as well as stay on top of emerging technologies, new product launches, clinical studies, intellectual property, 510K clearances and more.


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How are Research & Development Professionals using SmartTRAK?


Real-time News, Market Trends, and Competitive Intelligence

SmartTRAK gives R&D professionals a top-level and current view of the overall market. Our news and analysis make it easy to see where the market is heading, what new technologies and innovations are making a splash, and what’s trending in the industry.

Perspective Article Trends and Developments in Biomedical Solutions

Daily Email Updates

In addition to our online portal, SmartTRAK subscribers have Daily Updates sent directly to their inbox each morning. Curated by our team of industry experts, SmartTRAK’s Daily Updates provide relevant and critical insight on the latest studies, patents, technologies and FDA approvals that every R&D professional needs to stay on top of.  Searchable and sortable, SmartTRAK’s Daily Updates can be customized to a specific market or segment so that the updates are relevant and aligned specifically to your team's development strategy. 

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Competitive Landscape Familiarization

R&D teams spend a fair amount of time on SmartTRAK’s Company and Product Profiles and Product Explorer tool. 

Our Product Profiles are robust and give an in-depth and up-to-date overview of relevant information relating to technology, clinical studies and regulatory strategy including links to clinicaltrials.gov and FDA approval letters.

Company Profiles provide a quick top-level overview of the company including a summary of revenues, products, acquisitions and strategic alliances. 


Product Explorer allows you to quickly sort through the competitive landscape and identify competitive products by technology, indication, approach and regulatory status - in seconds. 



Market Sizing for Due Diligence

SmartTRAK provides quarterly revenues by market/ segment and company shares.

With SmartTRAK Market Overviews, you get a complete and up-to-date overview of what’s driving a market, what’s limiting growth and how new technologies are shaking things up. Besides procedure volumes, 5-year forecasts, pricing, and competitive shares, SmartTRAK Market Overviews also contain the latest data on incidence & prevalence, new treatments and technologies and reimbursement – easily accessible and all in one place.



Our Financial Dashboard Tool provides a quick and easy way to quantify the market. Subscribers use this tool to size a market, gauge market share, compare year over year growth and quickly spot trends. Users can sort data by market, segment, sub-segment, and more and can easily get the financial data they need to build their business case. All charts and graphs are formatted for a clean download to be included in reports and presentations.




IP & Patents

Tired of wading through patents to find those that are relevant to you and your business? Our team of experts does it for you; providing you with the latest in patent applications and patent approvals. R&D teams find that tracking patents in SmartTRAK allows them to identify a new technology early or get clues on a competitor’s development strategy.


New Product Introductions

Need a quick way to monitor new technologies as they come on the scene? SmartTRAK’s analysts assess the competitive landscape 24/7, reporting on new products, technologies and innovations even before they come to market.


"I think it's a great tool to find information about the company, about the products and the marketplace."

Cristina Acevedo, R&D and Operations Manager



SmartTRAK helps one R&D Group Spot and Rectify a Costly Market Sizing Error

icon_challenge THE CHALLENGE
Slightly Less Tall Orange Line 175px A large biomaterials company was looking to expand one of their product lines. An internal team had completed an opportunity assessment valuing the market. The market appeared ripe for expansion. The team was excited and ready to move forward. However, when R&D was engaged, the R&D lead reviewed the report and immediately knew the team had overvalued the market and therefore the potential for profit.

icon_smarttraksmart SMARTTRAK SMART
Slightly Taller Purple Line 225px How did she know? The R&D lead was an avid SmartTRAK user. She utilized SmartTRAK’s market data, competitor intel and industry analysis on a daily basis to stay intimately familiar with her market, it’s size and the competitors playing in the space. She logged into SmartTRAK’s Financial Dashboard tool and ran her own market projections in minutes. She discovered that the team had misidentified the competitive set which had inflated the numbers. After correcting the mistake, she used SmartTRAK to educate the team on the competitor technologies.
icon_results RESULTS
Shorter Blue Vertical Line SmartTRAK enabled her to quickly course correct a potential multi-million dollar mistake while also giving her the industry knowledge to spot the potentially costly error.

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