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Real-time Market Data for the Life Sciences Industry

Up-to-date Business Intelligence to keep you current and ahead of the trend.


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We believe good intelligence can make all the difference.

SmartTRAK provides up to date marketing intel on industry trends, news, financial data, competitor developments and more.  Our platform is backed by subject matter experts, all of whom have had years of previous industry experience with some of the biggest players in the industry.  Our team knows what's important to you. Our system is updated daily with curated content. We don't believe in static reports. At SmartTRAK you'll find dynamic, accurate data, analyses and intelligence you can rely on.

The Platform

SmartTRAK is easily accessed from your computer, tablet or mobile device. It's easy to use user interface makes it easy to find market, company, product or financial information where ever and when ever you need it. 



Markets Covered

  • Orthopedics
  • Wound Care
  • Neuro Therapies
  • Regenerative Medicine

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Comprehensive Industry Coverage 

Our industry coverage grows daily as our team compiles the latest trends, news and intel most important to you.  Our experts currently profile:
  • 6,800+ products
  • 1,000+ companies


Direct Access to Experts

SmartTRAK's "Brainstrust" are our Analysts – all former marketing, R&D or competitive intelligence professionals with leading medical device companies. Our analysts are constantly monitoring the competitive landscape on a daily basis and are available to subscribers 24/7 if questions arise. 


Daily Updates

A favorite feature!  All subscribers receive a daily email containing content curated by our analysts on the latest need-to-know news from earnings calls, conferences, studies, patent filings, new products and more. Our users think it's the perfect way to start their day. 


Analyses & Insights

Our Analysts have their finger on the pulse and are constantly reporting notable industry happenings that are important to you including:
  • Analysis
  • Quarterly market recaps
  • Industry happenings & market trends
  • Interviews with notable experts in the field
  • Start-up spotlights on the new companies to watch
  • Conference coverage
  • Quarterly revenues / competitive shares by company


Market & Financial Data

  • Market Overviews
  • Company profiles
  • Product profiles
  • Financial data with 5-year forecasts
  • Procedure volumes
  • Competitive shares
  • Pricing



Easy-to-use Tools for Fast Data Analysis

Financial Dashboard

Quickly determine quarterly revenues and shares by market or segment. Drill down by company or product. Easily spot financial trends or build your own forecasts.




Gap Analysis

Looking to round out your portfolio? Gap Analysis lets you quickly compare your offerings to your competitors as well as identify how to fill them. 




Product Explorer

Easily complete a landscape or competitive assessment in minutes. Product Explorer allows you to take a real-time view of the global competitive landscape by segment, indication, regulatory status and more.



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