SmartTRAK provides orthopedic market competitive research and business intelligence, including market share, competitor share, procedure volume, key insights and opinion leader perspectives.

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SmartTRAK 3.0 Ortho Datasheet Launch Aug-2018

SmartTRAK Hardware Modules

Extremities (Arthroplasty & Fixation)

Upper Extremities, Foot & Ankle

Soft Tissue Fixation

Extremities Soft Tissue Repair, Hip Labral Repair, Knee Ligament Repair, Meniscal Repair, Shoulder Repair


Disc Replacement, Dynamic Devices, Fusion, VCF

Total Joints

Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement


Cannulated Screws, External Fixation, IM Nailing, Plates & Screws, Trauma Other

SmartTRAK Biologics Modules


Bone, Cartilage, Disc, Joint Fluid, Meniscus, Soft Tissue Replacement

Amniotic Tissue

Amniotic Membranes, Amniotic Injectables

Cell Processing

PRP, BMAC, Adipose Tissue


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