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Market Research

Business Intelligence is at the heart of what you do. We're here to help make it easier.  Our market intelligence platform and custom consulting services provide a one-stop-shop for your business intelligence needs. From industry trends to financial analysis and everything in between, SmartTRAK helps streamline your primary research.


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How are Market Research Professionals using SmartTRAK?


Real-time news, analysis, and competitive Intelligence

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry happenings including competitor news, deals and acquisitions, studies, patent filings, new product releases and more. SmartTRAK provides a one-stop shop for all the data and analysis you need on where your market is heading.


Weathering the COVID-19 Storm in Orthobiologics


Daily Email Updates

Your team will never miss a beat with our daily email updates.  Subscribers have Daily Updates sent directly to their inbox each morning so that they can start the day informed and ready to take action.Curated by our team of industry experts, SmartTRAK’s Daily Updates provide real-time coverage of industry news, competitive developments, earnings calls, studies, patent filings, clinical trials, new products and more.

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Competitive Landscape Assessments

Need to know about a competitive product? Or maybe a new start-up that just came on the scene? SmartTRAK tracks over 1100+ companies and 6900+ products. Profiles are robust and enable you and your team to get up to speed on all the important players in the industry.

Need to go more in-depth? Our Product Explorer Tool enables you to quickly drill down on the market by segment, indication, regulatory status and more giving you an up-to-date view of the global competitive landscape in seconds.




Market Sizing and Forecasting

SmartTRAK provides quarterly revenues by market/ segment and company shares.

With SmartTRAK Market Overviews, you get a complete and up-to-date overview of what’s driving a market, what’s limiting growth and how new technologies are shaking things up. Besides procedure volumes, 5-year forecasts, pricing, and competitive shares, SmartTRAK Market Overviews also contain the latest data on incidence & prevalence, new treatments and technologies and reimbursement – easily accessible and all in one place.



Our Financial Dashboard Tool provides a quick and easy way to quantify the market. Subscribers use this tool to size a market, gauge market share, compare year-over-year growth and quickly spot trends. Users can sort data by market, segment, sub-segment, and more and can easily get the financial data they need to build their business case.



Expert Analysis and Support

SmartTRAK is powered by a team of tenured industry experts. Our Analysts have been in your shoes. They know the industry and what information is crucial to your business. Tap into them at any time through our Direct Access feature to ask a quick question, get data clarification, or additional support.   


Custom Research & Consulting

Have a particular project you need help with? Let SmartTRAK's team of experts function as an extension of your team.  Our team can work with you to determine project scope, approach and deliverable. 


"SmartTRAK is an essential tool. Every Monday, I watch my weekly update populate in my email. "

Tyler Trapani,  Product Manager



With SmartTRAK, Sales Quickly Positions Their Products Against the Competitors

icon_challenge THE CHALLENGE
Medium Orange Line An Area Sales Director at an Orthobiologics company did not have a credible source for competitive or market information.  His team wanted to sell more effectively against competitor products. But, after spending hours researching and compiling information, they realized gaps were left in their research. There had to be a better way.

icon_smarttraksmart SMARTTRAK SMART
Medium Violet Line SmartTRAK gave them a leg up on their competition. The team began leveraging SmartTRAK’s Market Overviews and Daily Updates to get up to speed on the latest competitive developments and overall industry news. They were also used SmartTRAK’s Product Explorer tool to quickly pull product comparison charts to help effectively position their products against the competition.
icon_results RESULTS
Even Shorter Blue Line 75px SmartTRAK enabled the team to be more informed, work with greater efficiency and hone their product penetration strategy.

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