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Consulting & Advisory Services

Our team of experts is at the ready to help with your research and advisory needs.


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We're here to help.

Need to know more? SmartTRAK's team of experts is available to perform custom consulting projects and/or provide strategic advisory services on the life science industry. Our  industry analysts are on-top of their markets and already up-to-speed on the latest developments in their areas of expertise and can quickly address your needs whether it is a custom research project or just needs some advisory support. Our team is always here to help. 


SmartTRAK has recently expanded its strategic advisory services globally to include custom consulting as well as provider, hospital and procedural volume data. We have access to a global network of healthcare providers, non-clinician healthcare personnel and payers. Including:

Types of Projects

Our advisory and consulting services include both qualitative and quantitative research including:
  • Market Landscape Assessments
  • Physician Surveys
  • Market Sizing & Opportunity Analysis
  • Opportunity & Research Brainstorms
  • Start-up Market Surveillance
  • Product/Procedure Research Deep Dives

Why SmartTRAK Consultants?

SmartTRAK’s team of experts are former business development, marketing and competitive intelligence professionals from leading medical device companies. They have walked a mile in your shoes and understand your business challenges. 

They have a finger on the pulse of the industry. It is what they do, day in and day out.  They're uniquely poised to quickly step in, offer an unbiased view of the market, and be a valuable resource to you and your team. 


Have a unique research need? Contact us, and we'd be happy to help.

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A Company Needs Help Weighing An Expansion Opportunity

icon_challenge THE CHALLENGE
Medium Short Orange Line A subscribing biotechnology and regenerative biomaterials company was looking to expand into an adjacent market. They needed help understanding and quantifying the opportunity. Was this an opportunity worth exploring or should it be deprioritized in their pipeline?
icon_smarttraksmart SMARTTRAK SMART
Slightly Taller Purple Line 225px While the market space was not currently covered by SmartTRAK the company approached us anyway. They knew our Analysts were all former medical device professionals having worked for major players in the industry. They were hoping one had experience in the space, and they were in luck. A member of our team was highly knowledgeable in the adjacent market. The company hired SmartTRAK for a custom consulting project to further explore the space, offer insights and ultimately a recommendation. The Chief Scientific Officer was impressed with the report, calling the project “incredibly helpful”.
icon_results RESULTS
Medium Short Blue Line SmartTRAK’s custom report provided the company with great insight into an unfamiliar market which helped them reduce risk. The customer was very happy with the deliverable and used it as a guidepost in deciding to deprioritize the project at this time.
Businesswoman doing conference presentation in meeting room

Consulting Projects

We are happy to discuss your special analysis needs regarding your industry, products or competitors. 

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