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Business Development Professionals

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Business Development

Business Intelligence at the market, company, and product level. Sound appealing? We thought so.  SmartTRAK helps Business Development professionals keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.  SmartTRAK helps BD users quickly and efficiently build compelling business cases and complete acquisition due diligence.


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How are Business Development Professionals using SmartTRAK?

Real-Time News, Market Trends, and Analysis 

SmartTRAK gives Business Development Professionals a top-level view of the market. Our news and analysis make it easy to see where the market is headed, what products and innovations are gaining momentum and what new companies are coming on the scene. We also report on the latest mergers and acquisitions happening as well as deals and financing.

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Daily Email Updates

Your team will never miss a beat with our daily email updates.  Subscribers have Daily Updates sent directly to their inbox each morning so that they can start the day informed and ready to take action. Curated by our team of industry experts, SmartTRAK’s Daily Updates provide real-time coverage of industry news, competitive developments, earnings calls, studies, patent filings, clinical trials, new products and more.

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Company and Product Information for Due Diligence

SmartTRAK’s  Company and Product Profiles are popular with BD users who are looking to assess the competitive landscape or gain more information when conducting due diligence. SmartTRAK currently tracks over 1100+ companies and 6800+ products.

Company Profiles are comprehensive, providing a quick top-level overview of the company including, ownership, revenues and financial outlook, financing, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. SmartTRAK has all of the information needed to help answer key questions like: "Is this company worth investing in?"



Our Product Profiles are robust and give an in-depth look at a particular product. Each profile includes a brief product description and the most current information on clinical studies, regulatory approvals, sales and more. Product profiles act as a great jumping-off point for a BD professional to learn about a potential target.



Portfolio Gap Analysis

Our Gap Analysis tool helps business development professionals quickly visualize how their portfolio stacks up against their competitors in seconds! Users can quickly see gaps in their own offering and pinpoint targets that could help fill those gaps and strengthen their portfolio.




SmartTRAK provides quarterly revenues by market/segment, company, and product making it simple for BD users to analyze a company's financial potential before merger or acquisition.

Need to know if a market is worth investing in? SmartTRAK Market Overviews provide procedure volumes, 5-year forecasts, pricing, and competitive shares. Quickly and easily monitor where the market is heading and what companies are fueling growth.



Our Financial Dashboard Tool provides a quick and easy way to quantify the market. Subscribers use this tool to size a market, gauge market share, compare year over year growth and quickly spot trends. Users can sort data by market, segment, sub-segment, and more and can easily get the financial data they need to build their business case. All charts and graphs are formatted for a clean download to be included in reports and presentations.

"Every morning I get up and turn on the computer and I've got my dashboard right there, essentially telling me what's new in the space; who's doing what, what new clinical studies are being conducted, and where the focus may or may not be shifting. It also helps me identify new opportunities in which we can potentially expand our business"

C. Scott Brown, Director Strategic New Market Development, Integra LifeSciences.



Scott Brown, Director Strategic New Market Development, Integra LifeSciences tells why he uses SmartTRAK every single day.


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