SmartTRAK Features & Tools

  • Analysis: Original SmartTRAK articles, videos and podcasts with news and analysis covering industry meetings, new technologies, quarterly market recaps and more.
  • Markets: Market Overviews including 5-yr market projections, incidence and prevalence, reimbursement and competitive overviews
  • Company Profiles: Company overview along with funding, revenues, strategic alliances, recent news and commentary
  • Product Profiles: Product overview including indications, clinical updates, regulatory status and milestones, published studies
  • SmartTRAK Tools
    • Product Explorer: View and compare products and how they are being used across the industry. Use this tool for research and to gain insight into product offerings available on the market today.
    • Gap Analysis: A visualization tool that helps you identify possible acquisition candidates or easily assess competitive product category portfolios
    • Financial Dashboard: Quarterly financial market revenue models including revenues by company

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