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SmartTRAK is the leading provider of market intel and advisory services for the life sciences industry. We're fueled by data but driven by analysis. We help medical device companies make better business decisions backed by intelligence. 

Online Intelligence Platform

18 Markets, Expansive Coverage.


Tenured Industry Experts.


Custom Research/Projects.

Real-time Industry Coverage

15,000+ daily updates published annually.

Detailed Product &
Company Profiles

6,800+ Products
1,100+ Companies 


Financial data, procedure volumes, competitive shares, and more.


Easy to use tools for faster reporting.


Comprehensive Overviews

Markets: Learn about the state of the market with bite-sized insights and news in real-time on overall market happenings, procedure volumes, reimbursement and competitive share. Charts and graphs allow you to easily see 5-year market projections and financial trends.

Company Profiles: Dive deep into a particular company including quarterly revenues and financial outlook, recent financings, product portfolio, acquisition and strategic alliances. 

Product Profiles: Take an in-depth look at a particular product including indications, clinical studies, regulatory approvals, IP and the latest news.


Easy-to-use Tools to Sort Data

Product Explorer: Quickly complete an up-to-date global competitive landscape assessment comparing products by features, indications, regulatory status and more. What used to take hours, can now be accomplished in minutes.

Gap Analysis: Easily assess a company's product portfolio to identify gaps as well as possible acquisition and/or partnership opportunities. This tool is a business development professional's dream.

Financial Dashboard: Need to know quarterly revenues and shares by market segments? Want a way to easily compare financials by segment across quarters or even years? Financial Dashboard allows you to quickly analyze dollars and shares and even export your findings. Information is current and updated quarterly.

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